“Jeff is a valuable addition to the DTx Pharma team. He has served as both a scientific and business advisor since the inception of DTx Pharma and in this role has been instrumental in helping the founding team take an idea through to in vivo proof of concept,” said Arthur Suckow, CEO/CSO and co-founder of DTx Pharma. “His scientific, medical and investing experience will help DTx to identify and successfully engage with high quality partners, investors and advisors as we identify and advance clinical candidates,” said John Grundy, co-founder of DTx Pharma and Vice President of Nonclinical Development & Clinical Pharmacology at Arena Pharmaceuticals. “We are confident that Jeff will have an immediate impact on the execution of our business strategy as we continue to break open new therapeutic areas for oligonucleotide therapeutics,” said Adam Pavlicek, co-founder of DTx Pharma and, founder and CEO of Monoceros Biosystems.

“It is with great excitement that I’m crossing over from an investor/advisor into an operating role for DTx Pharma. This is a passionate and talented team with deep expertise in the oligo therapeutic space. They have gone from an idea to a functional technology more quickly than any other company I’ve been associated with—less than 4 months to proof of concept in both cell culture and in vivo! We have an opportunity to efficiently use capital to build value very quickly—and I’m excited to help my colleagues at DTx as we present this growing value proposition to investors and introduce our technology to potential partners,” said Jeff Friedman, new COO of DTx Pharma.

About Jeff Friedman
Jeff Friedman received his MD and PhD from Stanford University. He trained in Pediatrics and Hematology/Oncology at Boston Children’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and came to San Diego as an assistant professor at the Scripps Research Institute. He serves in a number of board and advisory roles including for Tech Coast Angels San Diego, where he is a board member and Chair of the life science committee; for CurePSP (a foundation serving patients with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) where he is a board member and Chair of the Research Committee; for the PSP Genetics Consortium, where he is Managing Director of an international effort sequencing 2,000 whole genomes from autopsy verified PSP cases in a search for risk alleles; for Celsense Inc (a company developing viable dyes for cell tracking in vivo using MRI) where he serves as a board member. As the managing partner of FriedmanBioventure, he oversees a portfolio of more than 45 early stage companies, primarily in the biomedical space.